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Turn Your Passion for Reiki & Helping Others into Your Own Successful, Profitable & Sustainable Online Reiki Business 

Calling all VIPS (Very Important Practitioners)

Are you ready to...

Get More Clients & Students

And fill your Reiki & Wellness Practice with a constant stream of soul-mate clients who energise and inspire you and pay you in full.

earn more Predictable & Sustainable Income

Build profitable online offers that light you up and effortlessly increase you profits way beyond just paying yourself.

Amplify your Impact

Scale and automate your business to create the freedom you crave, whilst serving your own community and sharing your unique message in a BIG way.

It's time to launch, grow and scale your soul business online with intention and confidence with the Reiki Business School Mentorship Programme

The exclusive 7-month Reiki Business mentorship programme crafted and tailored to specifically help Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers move through the process of setting up, growing and scaling a Reiki Business online to a predictable 6 figures and beyond - without the overwhelm of having to figure it out all on your own and the confusion of knowing what you need to do next.

Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

Let me know if this sounds a little familiar…

You’re a newly qualified Reiki practitioner with dreams of launching your own spiritual business but you don’t even know where to start when it comes to setting yourself up to reach the right clients and make the kind of income that can support your dream lifestyle. You've seen other intuitive entrepreneurs making moves and money online, but you just don't know what steps to take. With every day that goes by, it gets a little more overwhelming, frustrating and stressful! 
You're an experienced Reiki Professional working with clients in person 1:1 or in small groups, but you feel you've hit a real ceiling and are tired of continually chasing the next client or class, and the next and then next. You know you have more potential to help more people and want to earn more each month without adding more hours to your workload so you can finally experience freedom in your business.
You know growing online is the only smart way to scale and you've started to try out a bunch of different tactics using the ad hoc advice you've found online. But you're losing hours of your time, pouring your precious energy and heart into non-viable strategies that leave you depleted and questioning yourself. You want to earn a living doing your most fulfilling work, but you know your business is getting road blocked by your lack of a solid, executable business strategy and marketing plan and the support you need to carry it out. 

If you're nodding, your head, you're not alone. Business training for Reiki and other intuitive service providers has been scarce for way too long. We're here to change that, and in turn help you change the trajectory of your business and your life.

The only thing standing between you and the business of your dreams is a complete step-by-step business plan. And Lucky that's exactly what we can give you. 

introducing the Reiki Business school Mentorship programme

This is the missing Manual every Reiki Professional needs to create a career in Reiki and Wellness with more impact, freedom and predictable income.

From Overwhelmed Reiki Practitioner to Thriving Business Owner...

Reiki is still one of the easiest ways to start an impactful spiritual side-hustle or add a healing modality to your existing wellness practice. 

The difficult bit comes when you complete your Reiki training, and you are left to start up your own Reiki Practice with little or no guidance on how to turn your passion for Reiki and helping others into a profitable, sustainable business with regular clients and consistent income

Even with the best intentions in the world, you can't just set up a website or get a few business cards printed and expect to magically attract a tonne of clients and customers. “Build it and they will come,” simply doesn’t apply to online business.

And the harsh reality is, that although most Reiki training completely ignores the business side of things, you can't actually help anyone if you can't get any clients or students...

And there is nothing worse than knowing you are meant to do something great and feeling stuck because you're unclear how to get started and make an impact

I know, as a Reiki Practitioner you probably envision yourself teaching and transforming lives and have a great list of services to offer and a lot of passion for helping others, but often feel overwhelmed because you don't know what steps to take, where to focus your time and energy to achieve REAL results and how grow your community and revenue without working all hours of the day (and night!) or giving all your time away for free.

You've got the Reiki side of things down, but this business stuff can all feel like an uphill battle, setting up systems, creating offers, building a brand, learning new marketing skills, and the list goes on and on...  

With sooo much information out there and so many different people telling you the things that you must do to make your business work, it’s so easy to get lost and discouraged when you are not seeing any progress. And feel like you're behind or failing.

I get it. Because I've been there. 

And even though figuring out how to reach new students and make an impact shouldn't feel like a struggle or an energetic drain, setting up and growing a business on your own can be really intimidating and overwhelming, especially when you are trying to stand out within a sea of equally qualified and skilled holistic professionals and service-providers

The truth is: without the right guidance and pathway, building a spiritual business can just feel clumsy, forced, and downright difficult. It's like business Groundhog Day! 

But please don't throw your laptop own the window just yet...because it doesn't have to be that way. 

Because you can make a Full-time living as a Reiki Professional and create a thriving business that supports you spiritually and financially and provides you with the freedom and flexibility you need to live on your own terms...

...Even if you have zero business experience, no audience, no technical skills and no idea where to start

I know this because that's what I started with when I set up my own Reiki Businesses from scratch way back in 1988. Like most Practitioners who find their way to Reiki, Reiki changed my life, and I was determined to help others experience the same transformations. 

For years, I went through a painful process of trial-and-error all on my own, figuring out how to run workshops and retreat, how to create online content and courses that could provide results for my clients and students, and how to authentically reach the people who I knew I could help the most. 

After a lot of frustration, countless mistakes and a huge investment in training and mentorship, things finally started to click. I figured out the activities that resulted in more students and income, and less burnout and overwhelm, and focused solely on them. Knowing the difference between what actually worked and what was a waste of my precious time and energy was game-changing for my business. 

Fast-forward to today, and I now run several very successful multiple-6 figure Reiki and wellness businesses and have had the profound privilege of training more than 100 thousand Reiki Masters around the world.  

After nearly 3 decades working in Reiki and Holistic health, I know what it takes to create long-term success and legacy in the competitive and ever-changing wellness industry, whilst staying true to my principles and authentic self.  

The outdated business model that I was taught when I started out didn't help me create the impact and legacy I wanted. So, I made my own. And this is what I want to share with you in Reiki Business School

This is the 7-Step Reiki Business Success Framework, inspiration, resources and support I wish my Reiki Teacher had given to me when I started out. 

Everything you need to create and grow your Reiki Business online so you can impact infinitely more lives, find more financial stability and work whenever and however you like.

Here's the thing:

Just like learning Reiki involves investing in different levels of training as you build your energy skillset as a Practitioner,
successful businesses aren't built over night or in one big defining moment where it all changes - they are built intentionally step by step as you build your skillset as a Business Owner. There are no quick-fixes or magic bullets.

The REAL pathway to sustainable success is made up of a series of focused steps towards where you want to be, and each step is just as important in the journey as the other. 

But if you just start trying 100 different things because you don't know what works, you'll often only end up making 1 inch of progress in 100 different directions. Say hello to stress, overwhelm and burnout.

 Let's take the guesswork and trial and error out of your business. So you can sit down every week, and know exactly what you're focusing in on to move your business forward. 

The Reiki Business School™ has been carefully crafted to give you this clear strategy and save you tonnes of time, money and headaches as a result.

Build Your Own Reiki Business, without the hustle and Hassle. Just one bite-sized step-at a time.

Who Is the Reiki Business School Programme For?

You've probably had clients tell you how great you are and how much you have helped them, but it can be a little scary to fully step into that Spiritual CEO role and turn your calling into a business. You've got the heart, the talent and the attitude to go all in, but now you need a plan and the right team to support at every step. 

This programme is for you if: 

You are an ambitious and purpose-driven Reiki Practitioner or Teacher or Holistic entrepreneur who wants to make a living making a difference to people's lives.  
You have a lot of passion for your intuitive work and feel called to help others, but you feel stuck and need help turning your experience and gifts into an actual career and a business you are proud of.
You want to get out of those feast and famine cycles of clients and income and earn a reliable income, but you are not sure how to package up your unique ideas and experience and create offers you feel good about charging for.
You've made some progress on your own, but you are still always chasing the next client and the next payment in piece-meal bookings and referrals.
You want to start working online to reach more people and move beyond exchanging time for money, but you don't know how to set up the infrastructure you need. 
You have a million tabs in your brain with ideas and inspiration, a bunch of unfinished projects and you keep getting stuck in a start-overwhelm-procrastination cycle. 
You are ready to go ALL in and get some direction with proven strategies and a plan to grow a business that feeds your soul, has big impact on the people you serve and supports your lifestyle and goals.
You are sick of listening to generic sales and marketing advice from people who don't understand Reiki, and want to work with someone who has been there before AND has achieved huge success


Down-to-earth REALNESS

From confusion to clarity

Here's How Reiki Business School™ Works

Business is a lot like Reiki in that intention is everything. You need to act with purpose and intentionality. Having the most transformative services in the world is important, but if you don't know how to reach more people and grow your business, everything falls out of alignment.  

 Reiki Business School™ is here to demystify what it actually takes to succeed and build an abundant Reiki Business with regular clients and income from premium online services and programmes. We have purposely broken the Reiki Business Club into 7 manageable steps, with just 1 module delivered every month, so you can complete the programme at your own pace, and grow in confidence as you take action and actually start to build up wins along the way.  

Take a peek inside the Reiki Business School™ Framework

Module 1

The Foundations - From Reiki Practitioner to Successful Reiki Entrepreneur

Let's get you crystal clear on your niche, ideal client, and the kind of business you want to build so you can successfully make the move from Practitioner to Business owner!

Discover how you can leverage your unique gifts, experience and zone of genius to find your own lucrative niche.
Defining your Dream Customer so you can attract the right people who value your time and expertise, and actually want to pay 
Articulate your unique purpose and message in a single one-liner so that your clients can instantly understand what you do and how you can help them. 
There is more than one way to make money online - So we help you find the perfect mix of products & services for your business, with an honest insight into how much you should be charging.
Your Profit Plan: Use our Freedom Calculator to discover the exact steps you need to take to hit your SMART financial goals. So you have a plan to get to the freedom lifestyle you crave.

Module 2

Building an Irresistible Brand - To Stand from the crowd, demand Premium prices and Attract Your Dream Clients with ease

It's time to get your noticed. We give you the tools to design and refine a spiritual brand that is super marketable and instantly appeals to your perfect-fit customers. 

Discover the DNA of a magnetic brand, so you can sell yourself authentically and stand out in a busy marketplace (without the need to shout the loudest, post the most or chase new clients.)
Develop deep and meaningful connections with your audience with 4 key branding essentials, with expert advice on how to avoid the design mistakes that will stop you from attracting dream clients
Learn the power of brand story-telling (spoiler alert - this will turn browsers into buyers)
Create a stand-out brand identity by finally locking in your brand colours, fonts, tone and personality (no zero design experience needed)! 

Module 3

Grow your Online Presence with Stategic Social and a Website Optimised for Sales

Bring your brand to life online with social media and content.

hands-on tips and Designed a website that converts browsers into paying clients (without outsourcing to a developer!) 
Simple website upgrades that will take your site pewrfect fit lease rhtough your optimised wesbite  (without outsourcing to a developer!)
Instead of just posting on social media and hoping for the best, or writing a million blogs that never get read, you will finish this module with a ready-to-post content plan and social growth strategy.
make sure your writing shines

Module 4

Build Your Community: How To Grow & Nurture Your Own Reiki Tribe with Email Marketing

Email is the monetization channel in every smart business - and we are going to show you how to build a list of loyal clients, customers and fans who can't wait to open your emails and find out about your offers (even if you’re starting at 0).

How to create your own opt-in freebie to grow a list build, engage, and connect to your community through the power of email. content to show off your products and personality and also drive people to join your email list

Turn your followers into engaged email subscribersFacebook Groups automate the whole list-building processes so you can see daily growth from the get-go (even if you’re starting at 0)
how you can turn email into your #1 sales channel

Module 5

Magnetic Offers: How To Create Your Own Online Reiki Courses & Programmes

Package up your unique expertise into your own irresistible digital programmes so you can start serving the best people, not just the closest. This is the step-by-step guide to expanding your business without more 1:1 sessions. everything you need to create, launch and sell your own signature reiki and wellness course online

Decide on your business idea using my proven frameworkGet our secret formula for creating premium courses and online coaching programmes that deliver transformational results and allow you to demand premium prices - even if you are still new to working with clients.
Create the content for your signature programmes quickly and easily with templates and checklists make sure your audience is excited to invest all while giving yourself a motivating cash and confidence injection
Atomatic (even if you are a technophobe)

Module 6

Launching and Selling

Fill and sell-out your courses and programmes, in a way that feels good to both you and your clients, without the need to be pushy or inauthentic

Learn how to Launch new offers that generate 5 and 6 figures
Pricing Price your offers for optimal income AND service start charging prices that reflect the results your clients can get and the financial goals you have as an entrepreneur
By the end of this module you are going to have high-converting sales pages to move your ideal clients into your programmes.

Module 7

Scale Your Business - How To Attract An Abundance of Reiki Clients and Students on autopilot

The final Module is an Online Marketing Masterclass. Discover how to grow your business well into the future without having to increase your workload with a few simple tried and tested marketing growth strategies.

Free Passive and Active Marketing Strategies. Playing the long game. attract dream clinetson autoplito. to reach new markets and attract new clients whilst you sleep!
Paid Marketing Strategies. Scaling your Online Reiki Empire through Facebook and Instagram Ads.
consistent leads inquiring about my offers create a content plan that consistenyl sells you offersStart creating more impact with less effort

So by the end of the programme you will have achieved...

Clarity: You’ll finally have a clear and unique message you can feel confident in, so you can position your products and services as the ideal solution to your dream clients needs.
Branding: Created a consistent, beautiful brand that stands out online and effortlessly attracts the right audience of people who are looking for exactly what you are offering
Authority: Confidently set up and Built your email list from 0 with the step by step process that I’ve personally usedspecialist in your industry
Community: Designed a website that converts browsers into paying clients (without outsourcing to a developer!)
Signature Courses: Transformed your “hope for the best” marketing plan into a sustainable marketing strategy to attract your dream clients
Launch, Sell & Prosper: Crafted a powerful Facebook Ads campaign to build your audience and lead to more paying clients
Scale & Rapid Growth: Crafted a powerful Facebook Ads campaign to build your audience and lead to more paying clients

And that's not all! 

We've believe in Bonuses 

When you get started today, you’ll receive all these Bonuses included:

SEO Secrets

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How to Create and Run Virtual Retreats

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From Stuck to sold-out

Imagine how different it would feel to...

Break through self-sabotaging mindset that keeps you playing small, and step into the role of Spiritual CEO, with unstoppable belief in your purpose and your offers
Stop undercharging for your transformative services and product, and get paid what you deserve, with a suite of offers that your students and client actually want to pay for
Have perfect-fit clients lining up to work with you, so you never have to chase leads, so you build a tribe of like-minded souls who you love supporting and engaging with.
Take away the pressure of having to figure everything out on your own as you have a simple roadmap tried and tested by Reiki Professionals just like you.
Wake up to bookings and sales in your account, knowing that you have hit your goals for the month and can focus on creating content that you love and giving your best-self to your clients and customers
Feel like you are in control of your business and know how to bring in extra revenue every. single. month.
Have a team of mentors to support you and keep you accountable. 

If you're wondering how you can get to this place, take a deep breath now and release any worry you have about figuring this all out on your own. The answers to all your questions are in this programme.

What stops talented Reiki Practitioners from building the business of their dreams time and time again...

The Overwhelm is REAL

Overwhelming Lfully aware you’re capable of so much moreessons with no clear steps on how to implement the material Easy Action Steps to break down big tasks into doable mini pieces No-Fluff Lessons that are designed to help you focus, gain traction, and—most importantly—apply what you learn to your business

Self-Doubt Strikes

Wanna know who makes it in this digital-course world?It’s not the smartest, most talented, tech-savvy, charming, or most “expert” entrepreneurs. It’s the ones willing to try, learn, fall down a few times, and get back up because they’re committed to building a business and life based on what they value most.There is room for you at the table, friend. And I’m here to walk alongside you, every step of the way.

No Clear Path to Profit

Vague Frameworks that tell you WHAT to do but not HOW to do it. Proven Method that I’ve used with hundreds of my 1:1 clients to help them skyrocket their marketing and grow their service based businesses

The time for money trap 

Time is your most valuable asset.  digital course (and sidestep the time-for-money trap of hourly rates and a client-strapped calendar yourself the freedom to choose who you work with and what you focus on.

From Do-it-Yourself to Done-for-You...

A blank page is every business owner's worse enemy - let us give you the tools, template and cheat sheets so that you are never starting from scratch. Saving you time is especially important to me, because time is a finite resource - you can’t ever get your time back. At every level of Reiki Business School, you will get:

Helpful Resource Guides & Walkthroughs

I share my own tools and strategies, to take the guesswork out of every step, with real-time walk-throughs, behind-the-scenes videos and helpful demos to simply the tech stuff. 

Done-For-You Tools

For sales pages to 

Tried & tested Checklist and Blueprints

Having the right action plan will help you beat overwhelm. I want to share examples from my own experience so you can short-cut 

We all know how quickly the months can go by with no real progress. But what if you knew you had a plan next year to 

It's time to STOP dreading and START growing the business of your dreams.

The Reiki Business School Programme start January 2023, because we know how busy the holidays can be and how important it is to make time for the ones you love. 

Here's exactly What's included if you enrol during this limited time period:

Invest in Yourself and Your Future

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Total Value of over 

Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever with this Once in a Lifetime FOUNDING MEMBERS Black Friday Offer

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 Black Friday Offer

Save $2300 when you enrol this Black Friday - The Programme will never be this price again. 

Join the Reiki Business Revolution

There genuinely has never been a better time to create an intuitive business - as the world desperately needs more successful Reiki Entrepreneurs using their gifts and training to have a positive impact. There is a whole community of people waiting for exactly what you have to offer.

And we are looking for the next wave of Reiki Entrepreneurs to step up and join our movement to create thriving spiritual businesses that create abundant success both spiritually and financially. So, you can give more back to your community, the people you love and the causes you care about.  I invite you to join our movement.

Do what you love. Help more people
Build a Business that serves your deepest purpose.

Build Authority

Attract More Clients

Earn Passive Income

Create Your Legacy

By the end of this journey together we will have covered everything you need to know to create a successful and sustainable business that you can be proud of, a business that enables you to turn your unique passion, knowledge and skillset into a professional and profitable Reiki practice, where you get to help more people, and earn more income doing something you love. 

meet the creator of the Reiki Business school and the founder of the reiki healing association

Hi, I'm Garry

Best-selling Reiki Author, Wellness Entrepreneur and the Founder of the Reiki Store and the Reiki Healing Association and Reiki Business School. I was one of the first people to ever practice and teach Reiki Online way back in 1997 and now as a Reiki Business Coach, I help other Reiki Professionals build their own booked-out virtual online Reiki Practices.

After three decades in the industry, I am now on a mission to help as many ambitious and passionate Reiki Professionals as I can, navigate the world of online business, so they can step into their full potential and confidently create and easily scale the spiritual business of their dreams, filled With an Abundance of Clients (without the burn-out & overwhelm).

I've turned my passion for Reiki and Wellness into an online business that’s now scaling to seven figures, and it’s literally transformed my life and the lives of the people I love. If I can do it, so can you. And I'm here to help you build your own profitable Reiki business that you love. I take you behind-the-scenes on every step of my own journey and show YOU my shortcuts to success.

The world desperately needs more successful Reiki Entrepreneurs using their gifts and training to have a positive impact, and there has never been a better time to start that spiritual side hustle, go full-time with your reiki business or expand your practice online. I invite you to step up and join our Reiki Business movement! 

Garry Malone

I designed this course for you..

This is PERFECT for you if you do this:

a predictable, step-by-step method for building a profitable wellness business
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This is NOT for you if you do this:

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Invest in yourself

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Simple Plan


Per month

Include the main benefits of your most basic plan in this section. 

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Lifetime Plan


One time

Include benefits of your premium plan here. Keep these text lengths similar

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Our most asked questions

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Turn Your Passion for Reiki & Helping Others into Your Own Successful, Profitable & Sustainable Reiki Business

Earnings Disclaimer:

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. As with any business, your results may vary and will be determined by a number of factors over which we have no control, such as your financial condition, experiences, skills, level of effort, education, and changes within the market. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all, and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. You should not rely on any revenue, sales, or earnings information we present as any kind of promise, guarantee, or expectation of any level of success or earnings. Your results Running an online business carries risks, and your use of any information contained on this website is at your own risk. Subject to our Refund Policy, we provide content without any express or implied warranties. By continuing to use our site and access our content, you agree that we are not responsible for any decision you may make regarding any information presented or as a result of purchasing any of our products or services, and you agree that Reiki Business School and the RHA is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products, and services reviewed or advertised on this Website. 

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